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About Melissa S. Lubin

Melissa S. Lubin

Attorney Biography

Melissa S. Lubin became barred in November, 2004 and has been in practice for herself ever since. The bulk of her practice is devoted to defending people accused of crimes. She also has considerable experience defending restraining orders and prosecuting personal injury cases. In total, Ms. Lubin has handled more than 400 cases, many through trial.

Ms. Lubin earned her law degree from Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego. Prior to law school Ms. Lubin worked for lawyers from the time she was 14 years old. She worked as a clerk for her father in his personal injury practice, organizing his cases and helping him prepare for trial. After that she worked as a clerk, secretary and research assistant for several other attorneys in the areas of estates, antitrust, and criminal law.

During the summer between the first and second years of law school Ms. Lubin worked for a prominent San Francisco attorney in his successful effort to stop the takeover of both of San Francisco’s major newspapers by one news agency, thereby maintaining the independent and competing views of the newspapers.

Ms. Lubin earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree from Humboldt State University with a major concentration in Environmental Science and minor concentrations in Spanish and Journalism.

Ms. Lubin has spent the last seven years building her reputation in the legal community as an honest, hardworking, and prudent risk-taker. She has earned the respect of judges and other attorneys by always maintaining a professional demeanor while zealously advocating for her clients and competently pushing the limits of the law.

She is constantly learning. She attends seminars to stay informed about new cases in criminal law, and share winning trial strategies. While Ms. Lubin strictly adheres to all rules regarding the sharing of evidence prior to trial, she takes pleasure in “keeping them guessing” as to her trial strategies.

Ms. Lubin will leave no stone unturned in the preparation of your case. She will put forth every viable theory that leads to resolution in your favor. If the case cannot be resolved to your satisfaction prior to trial, Ms. Lubin will confidently and capably take your case to trial.